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> Is QLF® the designation for a new connector interface ?
No, the QLF® Quick Lock Formula Trademark applies to the QMA and QN RF connector series.
It guarantees that licensees products have been thoroughly tested by both licensors to validate intermateability.

> Is the QMA interface an open standard ?
No, the QMA as well as the QN interface are patented designs. They are the result of a joint development between Radiall and Huber+Suhner.
> Why a new QLF® standard has been created ?
The QLF® Trademark is a guarantee for intermateability between licensors and licensees connectors. It protects customers from low performance products and interface dimensional issues. QMA and QN connectors are high quality connectors and require a very good technology knowledge to optimize the combination of RF and mechanical performances taking in consideration a lot of different parameters like contact resistance, friction coefficient ....
> When has QMA been introduced on the market ?
QMA has been introduced on the market more than 3 years ago and is already a real standard in Telecom applications with very large volume use.
> What are the applications of QMA and QN ?
QMA and QN connectors are already used in base-station, antennas, instrumentation and defence applications.
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